“Education is the best means – probably the only means – by which nations can cultivate a degree of objectivity about each other’s behavior and intentions… Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of international relations.”

Senator J. William Fulbright



The U.S. Congress created the Fulbright Program in 1946, immediately after World War II, to foster mutual understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchanges. Senator J. William Fulbright, sponsor of the legislation, saw it as a step toward building an alternative to armed conflict. Today, the Fulbright Program is the U.S. Government’s premier scholarship program. It enables U.S. students and artists to benefit from unique resources in every corner of the world. It enables U.S. citizens to gain international competence in an interdependent world. Each year the Fulbright Program allows Americans to study or conduct research in over 140 nations. The Fulbright Association is a private, non-profit membership organization of Fulbright alumni and friends. (This site has links to other international grant opportunities.)The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is the principal administrator of the Fulbright Program worldwide. The Institute of International Education (IIE) assists in the conduct of the program at both predoctoral and postdoctoral levels.


2015-2016 Fulbright Competition

Qualified UB graduating seniors and graduate students are encouraged to consider applying for a Fulbright Grant for graduate study or research abroad in academic fields and for professional training in the creative and performing arts.

The internal (i.e., campus) application deadline for this year’s competition will be September 15, 2014. The campus Fulbright committee will interview all applicants in early October at the UB campus, the precise date and location to be announced. The final application must also be submitted in electronic format to the IIE by October 14, 2014. The grant period for this cycle in most countries extends from roughly September to May but precise dates vary by country.

The first step in the process is to schedule an appointment with the Fulbright Advisor, Professor Colleen Culleton via email at culleton@buffalo.edu.

Interested students should also visit the main Fulbright site for students: http://www.fulbrightonline.org to explore possibilities on a country by country basis.