US Students: Considering a Fulbright?

Are you interested in pursuing your studies abroad after you complete your undergraduate education or as part of your graduate education? Are you interested in having your tuition, travel and living expenses fully paid for? Are you interested in building teaching experience while immersing yourself in a foreign nation’s culture? How about building your resume with an impressive and prestigious grant, thereby improving your marketability to graduate and professional schools and future employers? The Fulbright program might just be for you.

All Fulbright programs are run strictly on a country-by-country basis, with each nation setting their own criteria and preferences. Many countries are particularly interested in sponsoring recently-graduated seniors.

However, the application cycle is a long one. For example, completed applications are due the third week of September for the competition which funds study abroad beginning in the following September (or the January sixteen months hence for southern hemisphere destinations).

Therefore, prospective undergraduate applicants ideally need to be working on their proposals and making contacts in the spring semester of their junior year and over the summer before their senior year.

Alumni are also welcomed to apply.

To learn more, visit the Fulbright website. Go through the Thinking of Applying section, especially the Participating Countries section.

Language proficiency is quite important for most countries and most programs, so pay careful attention to each country’s requirements in that area.

After you’ve done that and have a better idea of where you might want to go, email me, Professor Patrick McDevitt, the Fulbright Faculty Adviser, and set up an appointment to discuss your options.